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 Deanna Smith, Principal

Saul Sheck, EC Coordinator

 Melanie Genwright, Business Manager

 Mimi Gonzalez, Office/Reception


Support Staff

Sherri Miller, EC Support

Nancy Blackwell, Literacy Support

Sheryll Campbell, AIG Coordinator  (scampbell@mcstemacademy.org) 

Jaquanda Lee, ESL

Tiffaney McQuarter, Teacher Aid

Bill Adam, Maintenance

Temesha Boozer, Health Coordinator



 Nathan LamponeArts

Courtney ChambersSTEM/Robotics

Brandon Combs, Music




Kimberly Bradley / website

Tamille Glenn

Latoya Scott

Christopher DoBeck/ cdobeck@mcstemacademy.org

Cathleen Pace/ cpace@mcstemacademy.org


1st Grade

Erica Bostian / website

Antoinette Duncan / website

Whitney Curtis / website

Camilla McWilliams/ (cmcwilliams@mcstemacademy.org)


2nd Grade

Melissa Green

Kelsey Lawhead / website

Erika Filipkowski / website


7th Grade

Patrick Belton/ ELA pbelton@mcstemacademy.org

Nada Bennett/ Math nbennett@mcstemacademy.org

David Fox/ Science dfox@mcstemacademy.org



3rd Grade

Jessica Achee

Emily Thelen / website

Candice Bryant / website

Allison Kropf


4th Grade

Rachel Moore

Stephanie Billman

Natacha Duggins  (nduggins@mcstemacademy.org)

Jacque Michael / website


5th Grade

Michelle Landahl (mlandahl@mcstemacademy.org)

Alexandra Mead (amead@mcstemacademy.org)

Breanna King


6th Grade

Katrina Womack / website

Megan O'Brien/ mobrien@mcstemacademy.org

Derick Thomas