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 Deanna Smith, Principal

Antoinette Duncan, Dean of School Culture

Elizabeth Vaughan, School Counselor

 Melanie Genwright, Business Manager

 Mimi Gonzalez, Front Office Administration



Support Staff

DeAnn Crowe, EC Coordinator 

Donna Tennyson, EC Teacher

Nancy Blackwell, Literacy Support

Stacey Austin/ MTSS Coordinator

Sheryll Campbell, AIG Coordinator  (scampbell@mcstemacademy.org) 

Tiffaney McQuarter, EC Support

Saul Sheck, EC Support

Bill Adam, Maintenance

Temesha Boozer, Health Coordinator



Courtney Chambers / STEM/Robotics  K-5th

Brandon Combs /  Music K-5th

Kirsten Maves / PE K-4th

Jubelin Ramirez/ Spanish K 6th and 7th

Laura VanDenBurg / Art K-4th

Todd Mason / PE 5th-7th and 3rd grade intervention

 Nathan Lampone, Art 5th grade & digital photography 6th-7th website

Chasidy Welty, Health 6th and 7th



3rd Grade

Jessica Achee

Emily Thelen / website

Correy Hallinean

Allison Kropf


4th Grade

Rachel Moore

Stephanie Billman

Natacha Duggins  

Jacque Michael / website


5th Grade

Michelle Landahl / Science & Math

Alexandra Mead / ELA & Social Studies

Breanna King / ELA & Social Studies

Brittany Flair / Science & Math


6th Grade

Katrina Womack / ELA  website

Megan O'Brien / Science

Derick Thomas/ Math