Welcome to the Mallard Creek STEM Academy Parent Teacher Organization webpage!  We are a group of parent and teacher volunteers who are committed to supporting the incredible teachers and staff who work hard to make MCSA an amazing place for our children to learn and thrive.  We plan, organize and pay for events including: Trunk O’ Treat, Teacher appreciation breakfasts, STEM day, Quarter parties, pep rallies, school dances, and much more! We also fund specialized supplies and equipment for our teachers, plan fundraisers throughout the year and coordinate volunteer support in our classrooms.

We are community and we want your time, talents and feedback to make our school even better.  We have many opportunities for you to get involved and we need your help! Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm in the STEM classroom (Room 215), and all parents and teachers are welcome to attend.  Please join us and be a part of the conversation.

Below you will find listed useful PTO information including upcoming meeting dates, PTO-sponsored school events, our committees and Board members, open positions, and links to PTO-related information (meeting minutes, bylaws, etc).


Parent Square Info

MCSA is now using ParentSquare as their primary communication tool. Sign up online or download the app for you smartphone/ tablet. If you are a new parent, at the beginning of the school year, you will receive an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare, just click on the link in the message to activate your account and register.

The MCSA PTO is also using this convenient tool to send out all announcements on PTO-related activities and events, and using it to post sign ups for volunteer needs. All PTO events can be views (and dowloaded!) from the calendar in ParentSquare. Please always check there first to find the most up to date information!

Learn more about how to use ParentSquare here: ParentSquare Tutorial and FAQs

Contact Melanie Genwright if you are having problems. Email: mgenwright@mcstemacademy.org


HOW to join pto

Do you want to volunteer? We need your help! Check out our committees listed below and email the committee chair to join! You can also attend our monthly general member meetings, become a voting member and help decide future activities.

Don’t want to join a specific committee but still want to volunteer? Check “General PTO News” on ParentSquare to find open sign ups and see where we need help RIGHT NOW!

Can’t volunteer right now but still want to support the PTO? Donate to fund our activities on EZPAY!

You can choose between “Feed our Teachers and Staff” OR “General Giving”.



Spirit Rock

Does your Titan have an upcoming birthday? We have TWO spirit rocks!  Sign up on ParentSquare by going to the “Spirit Rocks” Group and selecting the post for the month you want to sign up.  Then sign up for the day(s) you want the spirit rock to be viewed. Payment is made on EZPAY. You may begin decorating the spirit rock at 5:00 PM the day BEFORE you sign up. Similarly, the person who signs up for the next day may begin decorating the rock at 4:00 PM on the last day you have reserved. Therefore, spirit rock reservations run from 4:00 PM the day BEFORE you sign up through 4:45 PM the day of your sign up.

A reminder e-mail will be sent 1 day before your reservation date via ParentSquare. Please make sure to note on your personal calendar, the day(s) you have reserved the Spirit Rock. MCSA-PTO is not responsible for missed or forgotten reservations.

Please review additional information about reserving the spirit rock below:

*Although you may sign up for multiple dates throughout the year, reservations cannot last more than 2 consecutive days. Any sign up lasting more than 2 consecutive days will be deleted, and opened back up to the public.

*Spirit rock fees are $5.00 per day per rock. All proceeds collected for the spirit rock will fund outdoor improvements and school-wide activities provided by the PTO.

*Payment is due at the time of making the reservation and is 1st come 1st served. All payments and reservations are non-refundable for any reason (changed your mind, inclement weather, etc). However, if you decide you do not want your date, you can offer it to a friend or sell it to another family. However, PTO will not offer refunds on any reserved dates.

*You are responsible for providing all materials for decorating the spirit rock. You are expected to ensure the area around the spirit rock remains clean, free of trash and debris. All spirit rock decorations must meet the same handbook standard we would expect of any school sponsored sign, attire, events etc. You should ensure that paint is not left on the road, curb or grass. You may wish to bring a drop cloth. Also, please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans!

*The PTO has the authority to remove/repaint any language or image that it has deemed inappropriate.
Contact mcstemteasurer@gmail.com with any questions


The PTO is comprised of several important committees which are actively involved in the planning, organization and execution of a multitude of school activities and events. If you are interested in volunteering with a specific committee, please contact the committee chair for more information.


SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE - Plans and organizes special school events including Trunk O’ Treat, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son event, and more.

Committee Chair: Tameshia Davis  Email: mcstemevents@gmail.com


FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE - Plans and organizes PTO fundraisers including spirit nights at popular restaurants, Defy Gravity Jump Jam, and cookie/candle sales.  

Committee Chair: Temesha Boozer  Email: TBoozer@mcstemacademy.org


YEARBOOK COMMITTEE - Plans, organizes and compiles the MCSA yearbook.

Committee Chair: Amy Ward  Email: ptafirstgrade@gmail.com


ENCOURAGEMENT COMMITTEE - Provide, plan and organize a monthly teacher appreciation breakfast and other staff appreciation activities (Nurse’s day, Love the Bus, Fill the Fridge, etc), in addition to annual encouragement initiatives for faculty and students. 

Committee chair: Joanne Mullinix Email: l.mullinix@hotmail.com


HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE - Organize and coordinate PTO events and activities that strive to create positive connections with MCSA staff, students and families. Maintain and update the PTO Bulletin Board as needed.

Committee Chair: Janelle Upton   Email: janellebu@gmail.com


MENS COMMITTEE - Organizes activities and events to connect the men of the school and increase male involvement in school activities.

Committee Chair: Justin Whitener Email: jdwhitener@icloud.com


ROOM PARENTS - Parents who volunteer to work closely with their child’s teacher and act as a liaison between classroom parents and the PTO by communicating both PTO and classroom volunteer needs (lunch coverage, photocopying, organizing books, etc), as well as promoting PTO events/activities.

Room Parent Chair: Anna Whitener  Email: anna.whitener@icloud.com

BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE - **OPEN POSITION- Coordinates efforts to improve and maintain the school grounds beyond regular maintenance. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



I am Mary Ann Dalton, the president of MCSA PTO.  I share a vision of the PTO as a way for the parents and teachers of MCSA to broaden our children’s learning experiences.  My husband John and our two fifth grade sons relocated to Charlotte in July 2016 from the Wilmington area and have been enjoying all the many opportunities the city offers.



I am Melissa Thompson, President Elect of MCSA PTO. I love life, enjoy traveling, reading, shopping and sports. I am a huge basketball fan. One of my favorite quotes is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi



Greetings MCSA Family, I'm Denita Newby, serving as your PTO Board Vice President. I enjoy spending quality time with my  family and I absolutely love ice-cream.  It is my goal to help support MCSA PTO in making positive decision that have a lasting affect on the students and staff at Mallard Creek Stem Academy.   A quote I live by: "Don't Quit”



Hello MCSA. My name is Temesha Boozer, Vice President of Fundraising. I love shopping, spending time with my family and friends, traveling and watching LifeTime movies. My motto that I live by everyday....Life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you!



Hi MCSA Families, I am Marcus Duren, serving as PTO Treasurer. I have more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have a strong belief that our children should be provided the best experiences and opportunities possible. It is my hope that the MCSA PTO helps in some way to deliver on these things. I look forward to seeing you around the school and community. I know we will all succeed together in making MCSA the best school.



Chrystal Brown



I am Michelle Pierce, currently serving as your PTO Secretary. I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. I can often be found shopping in Trader Joe's! 



Hi MCSA Family! I am Anna Whitener, serving as your PTO Room Parent chair. My 4 girls keep me very busy but when I am not chasing them around I am capturing moments of other families. My hubby is my main man and we love doing this crazy life together. 



Hi, I’m Tameshia Davis, MCSA Events Chair. I love spending time with my family, event planning and vacationing anywhere tropical. I’m a Mom of two boys, a 4th grader and a 5 year old. A motto that I live by is paraphrased from Matthews 7:12...”Treat others the way you want them to treat you.”



My name is Janelle Upton. I help build school culture as the hospitality chair. I love to write, read, create, laugh, and talk with friends. I have lived in Charlotte for 12 years and am grateful for the life I have. 



My name is JoAnn Mullinix. I am the chair of the encouragement committee. We provide a monthly teacher appreciation breakfast and annual encouragement initiatives for faculty and students! I am a mom to Carson (8) and Caleb (5) and a wife to Chip. I am a graduate student studying Marriage and Family Therapy at Pfeiffer University. A favorite quote that I live by is "He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast" Proverbs 15:15



Hi, I am Justin Whitener, PTO men's chair. I adore my wife and beautiful girls. If I had to pick a favorite place it would be in the woods hunting or on the river fishing.


**OPEN POSITION - Starting up spirit store (either online or in-school) and maintaining inventory.  Researching new spirit items and vendors. Organizing and attending Sprit nights. Reports to VP of Fundraising. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Coordinates all PTO communications through ParentSquare, Facebook, and the PTO webpage to distribute PTO announcements and promote  PTO events. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Connecting MCSA families with various MCSA and PTO volunteer opportunities and assisting MCSA staff in finding willing volunteers to fulfill various needs for assistance to help maximize volunteer participation. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Coordinates efforts to improve and maintain the school grounds beyond regular maintenance. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Enroll new members.  Educate MCSA families about the PTO and the benefits of membership in order to maximize acquisition of new PTO general members and retention of existing PTO general members. Assembles and updates the general membership roster on ongoing basis. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Researches grant and corporate support.  Writing and administration of grants. Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



Jessica Salvo




Amy Ward

Email: ptafirstgrade@gmail.com



**OPEN POSITION - Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



I am Lyla Khan, serving as your 4th grade At-Large Parent Representative. I like reading, eating and sleeping! I strongly believe our children's social and emotional learning is just as important as academics. A quote I live by is: If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

Email: lykam1@gmail.com



**OPEN POSITION - Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



**OPEN POSITION - Please email pto@mcstemacademy.org if you are interested!



Hello MCSA families. I am Andrea Chisolm-Jennings, 7th grade parent at large. I am passionate about enriching the lives of others and I’m an eternal fan of the creative arts - finding and creating beauty in the world around us. I am a mother to both a 4th and 7th grader. My family and I enjoy traveling to new places, hosting friends and family, and attending local events. One of my favorite quotes: Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy and with whoever makes you smile.”

Email: adcjennings@yahoo.com




What are we doing well, and you want to see more of? What can we do better? We want to hear from you! Email us or drop us an anonymous note in our suggestion box (link).  

Email: pto@mcstemacademy.org


Meetings Minutes (GENERAL)
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Meetings Minutes (BOARD)

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PTO Bylaws
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