National STEM Day at MCSA

November 8th is National STEM Day! Here at Mallard Creek STEM Academy, we are thrilled to teach our students science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our goal is to inspire and prepare them to become the next generation of problem solvers, inventors, and innovators.

National STEM Day

November 8th is National STEM Day, a day that celebrates and supports the education of students who are passionate about STEM subjects or who wish to pursue a future in STEM. Since schools have adopted STEM into their curriculums, it’s also important to recognize the positive impact it has made on children’s learning process. Learning has become more fun and engaging, and that is worth celebrating. It is also worth mentioning that many jobs nowadays depend on workers who are skilled at problem solving, creative thinking, working collaboratively, and innovation. These are fundamental skills that many schools have started to introduce their students to, thus preparing them for when they will need to use those skills, whether in their careers or daily lives.

What is so Important About STEM Education?

Since the early 2000s, there has been a rise in STEM jobs and people have agreed that preparing young students for the day they will pursue these jobs is of paramount importance. Additionally, teachers noticed that students underperformed in subjects like science and mathematics, so it became the priority of many educators to devote more time focusing on these subjects in class for their students to improve their academic performance. STEM education goes beyond what a traditional curriculum does. It teaches students how to apply what they’ve learned to everyday life inside and outside of school, allows for group work, and enables students to explore unique ways of solving challenges. Its goal is to get young learners curious about STEM and for them to take control of their education as they get older.

STEM Education at MCSA

Here at MCSA, STEM education takes its form in a variety of ways. When it comes down to doing activities, we highly encourage experimentation because it gets our students thinking creatively as they tackle their schoolwork. It teaches them about trial and error, to use their creativity, and that making mistakes is not an obstacle, but a part of the learning process. It also teaches students to work together when reaching a common goal. Whether it is preparing for a class presentation, doing a science experiment, or completing any assignment, collaboration benefits our students as they thrive in their academic paths. Additionally, it helps students use their critical thinking skills when problem solving. It allows for a student to observe a problem or concept, examine it, and then create a respective solution. At MCSA, STEM education has impacted our students in many ways and has paved the way that leads to their bright futures. Whether they pursue careers in STEM or not, we have taught them important life skills that they will come to use every day in communities that appreciate and need their leadership.
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