School Bus Transportation at Mallard Creek STEM Academy

Our Provider: Olympic Transportation

Our provider is Olympic Transportation. Their drivers are involved in the daily operations of Olympic and in the daily lives of our students. They take a vested interest in having successful bus riders, happy parents, and satisfied school administrators.

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Bus Routes Information and Transportation Sign Up Form

Mallard Creek STEM Academy seeks to aid families with free transportation that picks them up at various stops throughout the area. Hub stops allow parents/guardians to bring and pick up their students at a location that allows for less drive time. The stops are usually at a centralized location such as a business parking lot. PLEASE PLAN TO BRING/PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT THE STOP. DRIVERS WILL NOT ALLOW STUDENTS OFF OF THE BUS WITHOUT A PARENT PRESENT.

SPACE IS LIMITED AND WILL BE FILLED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS. The form must be filled out yearly because seats do not rollover from the previous year. Once the bus is full, additional riders will be placed on a waitlist. PLEASE FILL OUT ONE FORM PER STUDENT. (Each application is for one seat).

This DOES NOT guarantee a seat on the bus. You will be notified as to whether your student has a seat or if they are on the waitlist.

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