We are a uniform school

MCSA wants to make sure that all students are in proper uniform attire every day and ready to learn. We have made some improvements with new vendor relationships and have done everything we can to make sure that all families have the ability to purchase the required uniforms locally and online. If your children are NOT in uniform, they will be sent to the office for you to bring them their clothing. 

Across all grade levels, students may wear….

● Blue, Black, Teal, Pink or White-collared shirts with the MCSA logo from an approved vendor. 

● Solid khaki or black pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts of uniform style material. Solid khaki jumper style dress over a polo shirt with MCSA logo. Polo dresses with MCSA logo. 

● Closed-toe shoes that fully cover the toes and the back of the heel. Tennis shoes/sneakers must be worn on PE days. 

● Outerwear and sweaters that are worn indoors must have the MCSA logo from an approved vendor. 


● Hats, hoods, or any covering on head must be removed when inside any building unless for religious reasons discussed with the Principal. 

● No bandanas. 

● No hoodies. 

● No slides, sandals, heels or crocs. 

● Pants and shorts must be secured at the waistline, not sagging and/or revealing anything underneath. 

● Clothing must be free of rips and holes. 

● Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must be an appropriate length for school. 

● Leggings and clothing similar to leggings may be worn only undershorts, skorts, skirts and dresses. Leggings must be solid white or black. 

● Shorts, skirts, skorts, and pants must be of uniform style material. No yoga pants, athletic wear, warm-up pants, leggings as pants, sweats, running style shorts, nylon or denim. 

● Outerwear and sweaters that are worn indoors must be have the MCSA logo from an approved vendor. 

Land’s End Uniform CompanyOnline Shopping Only

Addlogos  Uniform CompanyBrick and mortar store, where you may go to try on MCSA monogrammed tops and purchase!

Address: 9555 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28270

Phone Number: 704-509-1500

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