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Athletic Forms & Documents

Forms & Documents

All MCSA student-athletes must have the required forms on file in Dragonfly before participating in any off season workouts, tryouts, or teams, and keep them current.  

We have transitioned to electronic paperwork submissions.  This platform has many benefits:

  • Parents do not have to physically hand in a hard copies of any documents, saving you time and planning around getting by the office to drop things off.
  • Parents will be able to keep the original physician exam.
  • Paperwork will automatically follow your child thru the MS and HS programs, and auto generated reminders will be sent to your account when an expiration date is approaching. You will have an account dashboard that shows exactly what you submitted and what you are missing.
  • One stop for all paperwork, you will not need to complete any eligibility forms via Parent Square.
  • Our Athletic Trainers will have instant access to your child’s medical history on their phones.  The platform flags any medical needs (severe allergies, asthma, previous concussions, etc.) Anything you mark yes on the medical history form is captured.  For example, a child is on the XC trail, is stung by a bee, the Athletic Trainers can instantly check to see if your child has a severe allergy and might need access to an Epipen.  This is cutting edge technology and will allow them to better serve the health and safety of our student-athletes.
  • The account set up and paperwork submission is very clear and user friendly, I set up a test account and the process is easy to understand and simple to use. 
Instructions for submitting paperwork:
  • Set up a Dragonfly account (instructions are attached to this post) Everyone with a child trying out for MS or HS sports must have an account set up. AD’s will get a notification once you have set up your account and approve you to move forward with submitting forms electronically if you have new forms to submit.
  • The app is only for coaches/admin, use the website to set up your account under Mallard Creek STEM Academy.  
  • Make sure you choose the correct sport level on your account, they are divided into MS (6th grade boys basketball and MS) and HS (Freshman, JV, Varsity).  You should only choose MS level sports.  Coed sports are marked as “mixed” (XC, swimming, track, cheer, LAX).

          https://www.dragonflymax.com/ Mallard Creek STEM Academy.

  • Submit paperwork
    •  DO NOT turn in paperwork to the school.
  • Click on Prep for 2024-25, Get Started
  • Next page will bring up all of the forms
  • Click on the forms you are showing as missing, complete them.
  • 1 FORM PER CATEGORY, do not upload multiple forms in 1 category, match the form name to the category name.
  • You will ultimately show 100% and your circle will turn green and say Ready once you have everything.  
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