Student Academies

Mallard Creek STEM Academy offers you the opportunity to start learning for your future academic or labor path. Choose among our three  Students Academies, each one with its specialization:

·      The Leadership Academy

·      The Innovation Academy

·      The Business Academy

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed to give the student an opportunity to develop and apply leadership skills in the school and outside the community. Students will learn how to identify the needs of their community, develop and execute plans to implement support efforts.

Courses will focus on:
● Leadership
● Social and Environmental Issues
● Systems of Government
● Service Learning Projects

Students in the Leadership Academy will run our School’s student government, participate in peer mediation, peer tutoring, and organize school-wide initiatives and projects to support safety and wellness in the school.

Students will learn from local civic leaders, visit local and state government offices, participate in community outreach and organize fun school functions and activities like fun runs, dances and fairs.

Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy is designed to provide students who thrive in the fields of science an opportunity to learn about and implement the engineering and design process, research skills, and have an opportunity to create real solutions to solve environmental issues in our school and local communities through STEM.

Courses will focus on:
● Computers Sciences
● Life Sciences such as botany, medical detectives and green architecture

Students in the Innovation Academy are required to participate in local and regional science fairs, and will work on reimagining solutions to local problems like creating healthy school lunches, sustainable lifestyles, and develop apps that provide useful resources for other STEM students. Students will design a garden, study the weather and participate in the annual FutureCity Competition

Business Academy

The Business Academy is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the business world. Students will learn the basics about what it takes to plan for and run a profitable business ethically and effectively.

Courses will focus on:
● Leadership
● Finance
● Marketing

Students in the Business Academy will work in teams to conduct market research, design a business plan for a product or service and ultimately, market and sell their product or service in our own MCSA Marketplace.

Students will learn from other entrepreneurs, participate in a shark tank experience, and hear from and visit local businesses to learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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