Digital Teaching/Learning Plan 2023-2024

At MCSA we believe that the safe and effective use of technology can have a significant positive impact on the teaching and learning process. Leveraging technology to increase the effectiveness of learning and the efficiency of school operations is a primary focus for our school as we prepare our scholars for success.


  • To deliver high-quality instruction that enhances learning.
  • Teams will identify areas where the use of technology would enhance a lesson. 

  • Students and Families will be able to access online lessons or notes when applicable through the Google classroom.


  • Students will learn to effectively and safely interact with digital content.


  • Leadership will plan for solid technology infrastructure that provides for equitable access to technology.


  • Leadership and Instructional Staff will plan for and design classroom learning environments where blended learning can take place.


  • All instructional staff use assessment data that enables them to personalize instruction and increase student achievement.


  • Leadership will work alongside instructional staff to design programming that exposes students to coding and robotics.
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