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Athletic Rules of Engagement For Play

Welcome to the Athletics Program!

At Mallard Creek STEM Academy, we are committed to providing a positive and enriching athletic experience for all students. This handbook serves as a guide to our athletic program’s policies, expectations, and procedures. All parties participating should uphold the school’s mission that promotes high academic achievement by increasing student engagement through a workshop model that encourages and empowers students to take ownership of their own learning. By participating in our program, students and parents agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined herein.

1. Eligibility and Participation

1.1  Eligibility:  Students must meet academic and behavioral requirements set forth by the school and athletic department to be eligible for participation in athletic activities.

1.2  Participation:  Students who wish to participate in sports must complete all required forms, including physical examinations and consent forms, prior to joining a team. All participants must be active and attending members of the school.

1.3  Commitment:  Athletes are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their teams by attending all practices, games, meetings, and other team events as scheduled by their coaches.

 2. Code of Conduct 

2.1  Behavioral Expectations:  Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, respect, and sportsmanship at all times. This includes demonstrating good sportsmanship towards teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators.

2.2  In-School Behavior:  Student athletes are representatives of our school both on and off the field of play. Any behavior that reflects poorly in or on the school grounds, including but not limited to academic dishonesty, bullying, harassment, or disrespect towards teachers and peers, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the team. 

2.3  Suspensions:  Suspensions will result in an automatic removal from the team. This includes all games, practices, and team activities. 

 3. Removal from Teams 

3.1  In-School Behavior:  Student athletes may be removed from their teams for behavior that violates school policies or reflects poorly on the athletic program. This includes repeated disciplinary infractions, disrespect towards coaches or teammates, or any behavior deemed detrimental to the team, school community, or program.

3.2  Suspensions:  Students who are suspended from school for disciplinary reasons may be automatically removed from their teams for the duration of the suspension period.

3.3  Behavior at Contests:  Behavior at contests, including but not limited to unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, or inappropriate behavior towards officials or opponents, may result in removal from the team.

 4. Appeals Process 

4.1  Appeal Procedure:  Students who have been removed from their teams may appeal the decision in writing to the athletic director within 5 days of removal. The appeal will be reviewed by the Regional Director of Athletics.

4.2  Decision:  The Regional Director of Athletics will review the circumstances surrounding the removal and make a determination regarding reinstatement. The decision of the Regional Director of Athletics is final.

 5. Conclusion 

Participation in the athletics program at Mallard Creek STEM Academy is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this handbook, student athletes contribute to a positive and successful athletic experience for themselves, their teammates, and the school community as a whole. We look forward to a rewarding season of athletic achievement and personal growth.

 Mallard Creek STEM Academy Athletics Department

School Year:2024-25

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