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Benefits of Coding Classes for Students

With the constant presence of technology in today’s society, have you ever wondered what the benefits are of incorporating it in our schools? Apart from the fact of being essential in daily life, understanding the digital world helps students be better prepared for it instead of just learning how to be a skilled coder, for example. But things such as coding classes are being implemented in curriculums all across the country for more beneficial reasons than you think. At Mallard Creek STEM Academy, coding classes are an integral part of our curriculum and our students are well-prepared for what the future brings.


Coding Classes Develop Problem-Thinking Skills

Within coding classes, students are constantly being challenged. This enables them to break down problems into more manageable issues that they can tackle individually before solving them. Introducing children to coding at a young age also gives them more opportunities to develop mathematical concepts and improve their cognitive skills.

Helps With Creativity

Experts say that children in coding are constantly tasked with experiments, which enables them to become “creators” and “world-builders”, thus requiring them to use their creativity to achieve their goals. Notre Dame researcher Doireann O’Conner states that creativity “is both a skill set and a unique and individual personality structure that’s developed through childhood and fine-tuned in adolescence.” As children quickly become accustomed to using various methods of problem-solving, this further encourages them to find many solutions on their own. Certain tasks may need students to animate characters or develop a unique program, thus they are being asked to use their creative skills.

It’s Not Just About Computers

Coding isn’t limited to just the computer. Students also learn to code on tablets, game consoles, and via written code. Yes, even seeing written coding instructions is beneficial for students to visualize it better and help them with their daily challenges. Being exposed to all this is incredibly beneficial to students because it will help them with challenges they face every day and the task they perform in coding.

Improves Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is simply a branch of knowledge that involves expressing problems how a computer would. By taking coding classes, students are encouraged to break down complex problems into smaller ones, thereby uncovering patterns within these issues. This ability also extends itself into the realm of mathematics, allowing students to seek out these patterns when learning new math problems and equations.

Encourages Persistence

As children learn, they realize that failure doesn’t have to be frustrating or halt their progress. Instead, they come to understand that it is part of their progress. Encouragement from their teachers and peers coupled with smaller, more frequent victories gives students the motivation to persist. This mentality will serve them in school, at home, and in the future when they are forced to grapple with more difficult obstacles.

Prepares Students for Their Careers

Technology has quickly become ingrained in our society over the recent decades. With it, more technology-related jobs have opened up substantially over time. Research shows that between the years 2018 and 2028, job openings for software developers are projected to increase by 21%. Even if your child isn’t interested in a career in coding, they can still benefit from taking a coding class or two. The skills they will learn are valuable and may even place them above their job market competitors when they look for a job in the future.

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