Candy Corn Experiment For Fall Science

The dissolving candy corn experiment is an amazing STEM project  that is easy to set up with only simple supplies needed.Is a great visual science experiment which you can also add some math in too


  • Candy Corn (look for the gumdrop like pumpkins too!)
  • Peeps (ghosts and pumpkins)
  • Various liquids – water, vinegar, oil, seltzer, cornstarch
  • Toothpicks
  • Clear cups
  • Timer



STEP 1. Measure and fill clear cups with each of the liquids you are using. You have to use 5 liquids: cold water, hot water, oil, vinegar, and seltzer as our potential solvents.

STEP 2.  Place the candy in each of the cups and start the timer.  Observe what happens to the candy in each liquid.

You can make two rounds. In the first round, use peep candy {both pumpkins and ghosts}. In the second round, you can use candy corn.

It’s perfect to use two different candies because they have two very different dissolving times which raises some interesting questions.

Within minutes our dissolving candy science experiment will be well underway with the candy corn!

It’s  interesting how the waxy layer on the surface of the candy corn pulls away from the candy first.

Which liquid dissolves candy corn the fastest? Make your predictions and test your theories! This is a much quicker dissolving candy experiment if you need results right away!

Candy Corn Experiment

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