Simple & Fun: LEGO Turkey

Lego Turkey

These cute little LEGO® turkeys are perfect for decorating the table this Thanksgiving! This is a great project for builders of all ages.


To build a LEGO® turkey, gather the bricks shown below.


Attach two 1 x 2 brown hinge plates with two fingers to two 1 x 2 black hinge plates with one finger. The black plates will be the turkey’s feet.

Add a 2 x 2 brick, a 1 x 2 plate (flat), and a 2 x 2 inverted slope.

Fold the hinge plates so that they sit at a 90 degree angle. Add a 1 x 2 brown plate with one stud on top, two eyes, and the beak. Add a 1 x 2 slope under the beak.

Add a 2 x 2 plate, and then put on the two round corner plates.

Add the last brown 1 x 2 plate under the round plates and then add the 2 x 2 brown round plate and the 2 x 2 plate.

Turn the turkey around and add 1 x 2 plates in various colors for tail feathers.

Then make more turkeys! Aren’t they cute?

Lego Turkey

Build some pumpkins to go with them!

This is cute enough to decorate with! Maybe a fun centerpiece idea? Or put this on the fireplace mantle? Have a great Thanksgiving!

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