What is STEM?

STEM Education at Mallard Creek STEM Academy

At Mallard Creek STEM Academy STEM education is taught through the intentional integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and their associated practices to create a student-centered learning environment in which students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena with a focus on a student’s social, emotional, physical, and academic needs through shared contributions of schools, families, and community partners

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is critical to ongoing economic success. Nationwide, growth in STEM careers outpaces that of any other occupational category. In addition, STEM careers offer higher beginning salaries and more career earning potential than most other fields. Today’s careers require STEM skills at all levels of employment from service industries to engineering. Young adults who do not possess high level skills in mathematics, science and technology are at a significant career disadvantage not only because of the tremendous opportunities for high-wage, high-demand STEM careers, but also because these skills are vital for success in other industry sectors. This combination of high need and high opportunity in STEM fields requires us to consider the proper preparation and support for individuals pursuing STEM studies.

STEM education is best sustained by supporting individual content areas as well as integrated experiences. At Mallard Creek STEM Academy, we also offer, integrated coursework and projects that can be used to support both the academic standards and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards. STEM education requires an integrated learning approach where problem solving and engineering practices are included, where technology is seamlessly integrated throughout, and where there are high expectations for achievement in mathematics and science. STEM education is not restricted to the disciplines of mathematics and science. Providing safe and healthy school environments as well as coursework in other subject areas (e.g., art, language arts, social studies, health, etc.) provide opportunities to improve learning, processing, research, literacy, and communication skills that also support and enhance the various STEM programs.

At Mallard Creek STEM Academy our curriculum is based on Science Technology Engineering and Math activities. We have a very sophisticated and fully equipped STEM lab that includes 3D laser printers. drones and many other examples and tools that the children can use in the process of learning about technology, mathematics science, and engineering.

Call us or enroll your child today at Mallard Creek STEM Academy for more information about our STEM program. To find out more about our STEM Student Academies please visit https://www.mcstemacademy.org/student-academies/

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